Yellow Pages Advertising

Do customers still use PRINT page jaune directories, or has everything gone digital? Well, doctors, auto repair shops, attorneys, physicians, plumbers, insurance agencies, veterinarians and wineries…


Only those 8 (from 300) groups alone were referenced almost 3 BILLION occasions in 2005. Now consider that “online Yellow Pages” were referenced a measly 1.8 billion occasions for ALL BUSINESS CATEGORIES, also you can see that print Yellow Page directories are one of the very best ways to reach valuable regional prospects in the time they are in need of your product or service.

In fact, certain companies live and die by the Yellow Pages. To find out how significant the Yellow Pages may be to your company, receive a copy of the best 300 Headings published by the Yellow Pages Association (telephone 800-726-7006 for a free copy).


You will be able to see just how your small business category stacks up regarding reader usage. For companies in the Top 50, the inquiry is not “should I maintain the Yellow Pages?” But instead “how can I maximize my return on investment”?

So, how can you generate the best response from the Yellow Pages advertising?

Your ad’s success in the Yellow Pages depends mostly on just two chief facets. At the conclusion of the day, these two factors will determine your Yellow Pages advertising ROI. Image result for Yellow Pages Advertising

Additional factors like directory choice, colours, ad size and headings (often over-emphasized by advertising sales reps) are far less important and relatively easy to tackle.

Your greater challenge is in developing a Yellow Page advertising that visually leaps off the page then persuades prospects that YOU are the very best company to call. How do you do so?

As an expert Yellow Pages ad designer with a history of generating outstanding customer response and ROI for my clients, I’ve written a series of posts offering comprehensive analysis and advice on every part of effective Yellow Page advertising. For convenience, I have outlined my most important points here, and provided a link to such articles in my signature block.

Fundamentals of Yellow Pages advertising – rake in the telephone calls by:

  1. Laser-targeting just your most important prospects.
  2. Using a large, compelling headline and surprising images that function together to draw the eye of your potential and set your company apart in a purposeful way.
  3. Writing persuasive copy that talks to the emotional needs and needs of your target audience.
  4. Working with a powerful call-to-action close to your phone number to close the bargain (get the telephone).

A prosperous Yellow Page ad is going to have the power to visually prevent readers in their paths, draw them in the copy and persuade them with keywords that address their particular needs, anxieties and concerns. If you tap into their emotions, your prospects will feel comfortable and secure. And, they’ll respond to your Yellow Page advertising before any other advertisement in your going.

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