Dex Merchandise Vehicle Bottle Warmer

When you proceed for long distance travel with infants, they want their dose of warm milk and food. Due to lack of any instant warming system, we have to give cold food and milk. But, with the Automobile Bottle Warmer that fits in any car, SUV and RV, the product warms baby bottle in minutes. At this time, you don’t have to always worry about staying outside for more time, you can take your personal bottle warmer with you personally.

Positive Characteristics Of The Product:

The heating system is fast
Fits into any type of automobile, SUV and RV
Has an automatic shut off system to reduce overheating and warm the bottle to the correct temperature level.
Easy to plug – in car’s adapter system.
Has adjustable band to fit in any size of bottle, including Avent
Has detachable cover on the back side.

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It is a compact product and does not call for much car area.
It is convenient and easy to use – no complicated applications.
Its reusable and heats bottle within minutes
Doesn’t require any batteries for working
Merchandise Is Made of non – toxic materials, therefore its safe for kids
Contains neoprene insulated bottle bag
Negative Characteristics of this Product:

Make certain to adjust the heating band properly, otherwise, the heating system will not work fully for the bottle.

Some reviews indicate time of 20 minutes for heating but it occurs when the consumer does not follow all the instructions provided in the manual. Its not a negative feature; consumers must be aware of product using rules.

Benefits Of The Product:

Total, the Automobile Bottle Warmer is a good illustration in innovation. It has made warming baby bottle easier and convenient. A safe investment and with appropriate use, will continue to work for extended duration.

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